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Todt in communication with Honda and willing to help

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FIA president Jean Todt is ready to lend a helping hand to Honda in order to keep the Japanese manufacturer in Formula 1 next season.

As McLaren mulls its future with Honda and undertakes crucial talks with its engine partner, rumors have emerged that the manufacturer could transfer its power unit supply to Toro Rosso if the Woking-based outfit parts ways with Honda.

But if Toro Rosso elects to remain with current supplier Renault, Honda would have no other choice but to pull the plug on its F1 program, a prospect Todt wants to avoid. 

But the matter is further complicated by Renault's inability to supply  a fourth team, not to mention an FIA ruling which theoretically forbids such a possibility. 

"I really hope they [Honda] will not leave," said Todt who also revealed that he had been in communication with Honda's representatives this week.

"First, from what I understand now, no manufacturers can supply more than three teams - even if we forget the regulation.

"If you make it easily, three by three it makes nine. So it means that we will end up with a team without an engine, which we don’t want. And we made regulations to avoid that, which needed to be applied before June.

"Now there is a team, the team has a contract – so we will see. I don’t want to comment on facts which are not completely clear at the moment.

"If the time comes, I will be happy to comment and if I can participate to help to make sure that everybody can stay in the business, then I will do the utmost for that." 

Honda motorsport boss Masahi Yamamoto is present at Monza this weekend to hold talks with McLaren, and probably Toro Rosso, in order to reach an acceptable solution for all involved parties.

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