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Todt confident Ferrari will remain in F1, with 'good format'


If Formula 1 puts together a good format for the future, there is no reason Ferrari will quit the sport ensures FIA President Jean Todt.

Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne took a negative stance on F1's 2021 regulation blue print when it was tabled last year to teams, saying the draft called into question the sport's DNA, a state of affairs which could entice the Scuderia to leave Grand Prix racing.

Recently however, the Fiat-Chrysler chairman softened his view, encouraged by the positive ongoing dialogue between the teams, the FIA and F1's sporting manager Ross Brawn.

Questioned on the matter in Barcelona, Todt is confident the House of Maranello will remain in the Formula 1 family when the sport's regulation platform is finalised.

"Ferrari is an iconic brand," said the Frenchman who enjoyed a successful tenure at the helm of the Scuderia.

"There are several reasons for that, and one of them is that the sport is very important for them. Ferrari profits from racing and racing profits from them.

"I'm convinced that if we set up a good format, they will continue to be interested," said the Frenchman.

However, Todt said the FIA must also think about the other teams in F1, and work towards achieving for the best possible compromise.

"We have to do something that's good for ten teams, not just one," he insisted.

"More than half of the teams are in difficulty, and that's not good for the premier discipline of motor sport. That's why we have to do something about the discrepancy between the teams."


At the heart of that problem, said Todt, are the high costs. In addition to the likely introduction of a budget-cap, F1's managers aim to scrap the onerous MGU-H element of the current power unit.

"It's an interesting technology, but nothing that is absolutely necessary to have a good world championship," said Todt.

"We want to make things simpler, and above all we want to interest new manufacturers. We are well on the way with the engine regulations," he added.

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