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Dieter Zetsche wants Mercedes to win by smallest margin

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Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche says the manufacturer's current dominance isn't helpful to F1, insisting the sport as a whole should become stronger and more successful.

Mercedes secured its fourth consecutive Constructors' title last year and has become F1's unmatched powerhouse since the advent of the hybrid era in 2015.

While the German manufacturer remains committed to Grand Prix racing, Zetsche says he does not want Mercedes' dominance to remain unchecked, believing that in an ideal world, races should be won by the smallest of margins.

"We are there to stay in Formula 1 but of course the platform itself has to stay meaningful and develop positively," Zetsche told Autocar.

"I have said many times the best outcome would be winning the championship by one point in the last race. Being on the track last half of last season I was not that sure of my statement!

"To be clear, we want to be successful and we want the platform to be successful and when one is dominant that doesn’t help," added the Daimler chairman.

"We need stronger competitors and rule changes which give new cars to everybody and to some extent, this last season was that change."

Zetsche also said that when it comes to the future direction of F1 and the sport retaining its original DNA, he is on the same page as his Ferrari counterpart, Sergio Marchionne.

"We are the good cop and the bad cop," said the 64-year-old executive.

"We beat each other like crazy on the track and try to get every tenth of a second of advantage but at the same time we are 100% aligned on our thoughts in Formula 1 and our strategic actions in Formula 1. We are good friends."

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