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Aston Martin's Palmer backs Todt's 'global engine' idea


Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer believes Jean Todt's idea of a 'global engine' common to a number of motorsport series could make sense.

The FIA president recently tabled the idea of a basic global unit which could be tweaked and adapted to various high-profile championships, believing the concept could drastically reduce engine costs.

The approach was met with skepticism by various series organisers however who expressed concerns over practicality.

Aston Martin will be Red Bull Racing's title sponsor this season and Palmer is currently studying the possibility of entering the sport as an engine manufacturer in 2021, when F1 ushers in its new rules.

"There’s two things," said the CEO of the luxury car maker.

"One, some guys could make a business out of making the engine which is good, as opposed to it being just a marketing play.

"And secondly it puts the emphasis back on the drivers."

From junior categories like F3 and F2, to IndyCar, the LMP1 class in the World Endurance Championship and F1, every International series is governed by a specific set of engine rules.

Given Ferrari's recent adverse reaction to standardization and its subsequent threat to quit Grand Prix racing should Liberty endorse such an approach, it's highly doubtful Todt's idea will ever gain any traction.

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