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Early 2018 release date to help Red Bull hit the ground running

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Red Bull Racing is on track to complete its 2018 car five days ahead of its initial schedule, a change which should prove beneficial says Christian Horner.

In recent years, Red Bull has typically been slow to get into action while ending its campaigns on a high.

This season was no different, with wind tunnel correlation issues hampering the performance of its RB13 at the outset.

An earlier than expected release date will ensure the presence of an optimized package at F1's first pre-season test in 2018, according to Horner.

"We are focusing on a slightly earlier release target, which only involves about five days, but the design is so concertinaed and production schedules so tight, that those five days are actually pretty valuable in terms of being on the front foot rather than the back foot," said the Red Bull Racing boss.

"Our intention is to try to turn up at the first test in a position to knock about 100 laps out."

The Milton Keynes-based outfit is currently on a high, thanks to a mature car and the efforts of Max Verstappen who has triumphed in two of the last four races.

With no regulation changes on the horizon for next year, Horner is confident the team's 2018 charger will include the strongest features of its current winning car.

"We've got pretty much regulation stability, so the lessons we take out of RB13 will go into RB14," he said.

"Obviously we are hopeful that on the engine side that performance and reliability improve over the winter, and they are fundamental aspects for us.

"We have demonstrated that we have got a really competitive chassis. I think since Hungary we've been very, very strong.

"So as I say, if we can take these learnings into next year's car then hopefully we can start on a stronger footing than the second or so we were off in Melbourne at the beginning of the year."

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