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Haas sets 'success or failure' deadline in F1

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Gene Haas won't keep his team in F1 for the long term if a marked improvement fails to materialize in the coming years.

The Haas F1 Team is in its second season at the pinnacle of motorsport, having concluded its maiden year eighth in the Constructors' standings, where it also currently stands in 2017.

By any standards, the US outfit has acquitted itself quite well for a young, inexperienced team, but this year's results have still fallen a bit short of Gene Haas' expectations.

"I think if after five years we are still way at the back and not where we want to be, then we would have to rethink whether we still want to be in F1," he told AutoWeek.

"But in the five years, there will be opportunities that will manifest themselves that we can take advantage of.

"Hopefully, one of those will be the one that catapults you to at least be mid-team competitive or a little bit better, and from there it is kind of like going up a ladder."

Haas acknowledged that improvement was a gradual procedure, but one which would not go on forever as far as the American boss is concerned.

"It’s one step at a time," he added.

"I would think that in 10 years, we should have the ability to win a race, and if we can’t, I guess we failed."