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Ricciardo 'not sure' Ferrari really wants him

Daniel Ricciardo

Rumors of Daniel Ricciardo moving to Ferrari have been frequent this year, but the Aussie isn't so sure 'the people that matter' are really interested in him.

There was never much doubt about where Ricciardo would be racing next year given Red Bull's commitment and rock solid contract with its driver.

But that didn't stop speculation, fueled mainly by Italian media, that the House of Maranello was perhaps courting the Honey Badger, who admits that in hindsight, the gossip was wide of the mark.

"When I do get asked the Ferrari question I feel it is more coming from fans or media but not necessary from Ferrari," says Ricciardo.

"Maybe people want to see it, some people, but the people that matter I am not really sure if they do. We will see.

"I don’t know, if I am really honest, knowing that nothing will probably happen anyway until 2019, it feels too far away to start thinking. But yeah we will see."

Ricciardo wasn't surprised to see the Scuderia keep its current driver pairing intact for next year.

"Once I saw that they had extended Kimi’s I was not surprised," Ricciardo said.

"I knew that was a bit of insurance for Seb having Kimi there, I know he is comfortable with that. So once Kimi was signed I knew Seb would be on a few year deal.

"Look, at the same time, he is leading and they are in a really good position, so it was fairly obvious.

"The only other place he would have gone was Mercedes, and I think they are going to keep what they have by the looks of it."

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