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Coulthard to Honda: 'This is not Formula Excuse, it is F1!'

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David Coulthard is unimpressed with Honda's efforts this year, believing things are coming to a head with partner McLaren, with a divorce between the two parties the most probable outcome if the situation isn't reversed.

Speaking in Baku yesterday during a PR visit to the Azerbaijan venue, the man who raced for McLaren from 1996 to 2004 offered his view on his team's current state of affairs.

There is a real concern," Coulthard told AutosportME.

"This is the third year of the relationship; it's fine to say, 'OK, it's building years for Honda, they didn't have as long as other manufacturers,' but this is not Formula Excuse, it is Formula 1.

"You either deliver or you go and do something else."

Coulthard underlines the repercussions on several levels which have hit McLaren.

"This has had a very detrimental effect on McLaren's team spirit, the sponsors and partners that they have been able to have.

"There has obviously been turmoil in the management and a restructuring there and no-one takes pleasure in seeing such a great, historic team going through such difficulties.

"Clearly there have been communication difficulties because if Honda had communicated correctly with McLaren as to where they were with the performance of the engine, why would you ever put that in your car until such time as it is developed sufficiently to be competitive?

"You can't afford to have one bad season in Formula 1, never mind two – or even three, as it's looking like being this year."

With regard to what may be in store tomorrow for McLaren, the Scot says that Honda's deficit will either be reversed or McLaren would run the risk of putting its future in jeopardy.

"They have to have all focus of performance on Honda. If they're not able to set targets and meet those targets – because clearly they haven't met them from last year to this year.

"Rumor has it they have even less power than they had last year and there's reasons and excuses because of reliability but that doesn't cut it.

"Performance is the only thing that cuts in Formula 1 and if Honda are not able to meet those performance criteria, they have to seek a divorce.

"Otherwise, it could continue to bring the team of McLaren the car builder down. Without a good power partner, you have nothing."

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