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Brawn still looking at budget cap option


Formula 1's new sporting director Ross Brawn isn't ruling out introducing a limited resource provision into the sport's regulations in the future.

Ensuring the long term economic viability of F1's smaller teams while also attempting to make them competitive is the complicated conundrum faced by both Brawn and his commercial counter-part Sean Bratches.

You are right," Brawn, F1's new sporting chief in the post-Bernie Ecclestone era, told the French magazine Auto Hebdo.

"What is required is complex and that's why it's important not to rush."

With contracts negotiated by Bernie Ecclestone still in force on all fronts, substantial changes to Formula 1's current structure won't be possible until 2020.

Brawn's mission is to determine the future base on which the sport will be built beyond this date.

"First we need to create the right foundations, and then we build on them. By good foundations, I mean less difference between the top and the bottom of the grid.

"The real question is 'What do we need to focus on to move in another direction in the future?' Resource dependence is one of the areas we need to explore.

"Should we move towards a capped budget or a series of technical constraints? Perhaps a combination of both?

"But we need to reduce the importance of money in the performance of the cars, because this is the current direction in F1.

"What we want is to try to raise the overall level of the grid without resorting to the artificial," Brawn added.

To help with his endeavor, Brawn is to set up a task force of independent experts who will provide input and expertise.

"We will have some experts, industry recognised people, working within FOM, who I think people will be able to respect," Brawn said in an interview with Motorpsort.com.

"It won't be a big team, just five or six people, but there will be enough capacity with my experience and knowledge to be able to create and get a proper reasoned argument for what we want to do and have an input into the process.

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