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Tech F1i: A closer look at the Haas VF-17

Barely one year after entering Formula 1, the Haas F1 Team has had to tackle a major overhaul of the technical regulations. The US outfit seems to have risen to the challenge though, if Nicolas Carpentiers’ detailed look and enthusiasm for the team's VF-17 is anything to go by.

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Along with the Manor and Mercedes, Haas’ maiden Formula 1 charger was among the three cars that did not feature a thumb-tip nose design in 2016. Interestingly, the tip does appear on the new VF-17, in a layout that reminds of the Ferrari.

The front wing continues to have arched tunnels on its outer sections, one of the main aero trends that emerged in the area last year. What really catches the eye though is the long fin placed in the wake of the front wing pillar (see white arrow). The deflector sits ahead of a pair of turning vanes, with the first element at a higher level than it used to be (see yellow arrow).

One can also notice the under nose vane (see blue arrow), which is as long as the same element spotted on the Force India VJM10. Both cars are not equipped with any ‘S’-duct system.