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F1i's Top Shots of 2017

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As such a dynamic and exciting subject, opportunities abound in Formula 1 for stunning photographic work, which makes the choice of choosing the best shots of the year all the more challenging. F1i's staff came together and pinpointed the following selection, based on aesthetics or a unique moment. Which ones are your favourites?

A nostalgic look through a 104-year-old lens 

We start our selection with an amusing  tribute to F1 photography with a piece of work by Joshua Paul. Interestingly, Joshua decided to travel in an opposite direction than his F1 colleagues, rejecting the high-tech digital age in favour of an extraordinary 104-year-old Graflex 4×5 view camera!

The huge box and lens from a bygone era take nothing away however from Joshua's incredible eye for detail. The end result produces hauntingly beautiful images, with an eerie, nostalgic edge.