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A distinguished trio of Alfa Romeo veterans

Yesterday's presentation in Arese of Alfa Romeo's new partnership with Sauber was attended by three well-known F1 faces from the past, all linked to the legendary quadrifoglio brand.

Riccardo Patrese raced for Alfa in F1 in 1984 and 85, and is still ranked as the seventh F1 driver in history in terms of Grand Prix participations.

While Nicola Larini never raced for the Italian manufacturer in F1, he did win the German DTM championship in 1993 with Alfa Romeo, and also raced for Sauber in 1997.

Finally, Bruno Giacomelli was the man to whom Alfa entrusted its return to Grand Prix racing in 1979.

'Jack O'Malley' came close to glory and almost brought Alfa Romeo its first  F1 win since 1951 when he comfortably led the 1980 US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen until an ignition problem sidelined his Alfa 179. "Così vicini, eppure così lontani..."