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Porsche's unmitigated F1 disaster

Porsche built some of the greatest race cars in the history of motorsport, and partnered McLaren with great success in the 80s.

But its second foray into F1 as an engine supplier in 1991 was an unmitigated disaster.

Porsche joined forces with the Footwork F1 team, perhaps believing its interests would be better served by partnering with a low profile, smaller outfit to test once again the waters of F1.

However, engine guru Hans Mezger concocted a recipe based on a hopelessly complex and bulky 'double V6' layout. The unit was down on power at the outset and barley fit the original A11C chassis.

Both Michele Alboreto and Stefan Johansson did their very best to extract the most from the underpowered and over-weight Footwork. But ultimately, the team dumped its supplier in favour of a Ford DFR V8.

The debacle left Porsche no other choice but to shamefully pull out of F1. Will it ever come back?