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Taki Inoue's defining F1 moment was a smashing hit!

Journeyman Taki Inoue's claim to fame as an F1 racer isn't related to an outstanding performance in a Grand Prix unfortunately.

Anyone who was unfamiliar with the name back in 1995, including some of his colleagues racing at the other end of the grid, got acquainted with the Japanese driver following a baffling and insane moment which occurred on this day 22 years ago at the Hungarian GP.

Inoue pulled his smoking Footwork to the side of the track, quickly got out and rushed to grab a fire extinguisher to help the marshals extinguish a small fire.

He was then hit by the incoming medical car, comically rolling over the hood in what almost appeared as a well-coordinated stunt!

Apart from an injured leg and perhaps a bruised ego, no serious damage was incurred fortunately.

Perhaps Inoue missed his calling as a Hollywood stunt-man...