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Summer break gives Hamilton a new vantage point

Lewis Hamilton


By his own admittance, the current season has been a difficult one for Lewis Hamilton, with a few redoubtable forces to compose with.

The Mercedes driver is up against Sebastian Vettel in the title fight, a formidable opponent who currenty has the upper hand. But he also has his own team mate to reckon with as Valtteri Bottas comes into his own.

But perhaps his biggest battle is with himself after last Sunday's decision to selflessly move aside for Bottas,  the outcome of which led to a few lost points and the eruption of an inner conflict.

"I definitely feel like the summer break has come at a good time," Hamilton said before heading on his summer break.

"It has been a very tough year, physically, mentally and emotionally for everyone at the team.

"It has been a difficult season up until now, and I think this break will be really good for everyone to recharge and hopefully come back fresh."

Ham's first port of call is Colorado, where the Briton is roaming the wilderness in his ATV, only stopping to enjoy the view. And perhaps reflect a bit on his current life and times in the fast lane.

From a beautiful new vantage point...