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Happy 36 to Fernando Alonso!

Fernando Alonso


August 29 is Fernando Alonso's 36th birthday, and McLaren fittingly posted an embellished picture of the Spaniard in his #29 Dallara at the Indy 500.

As he soon faces a decision about where he will be racing next season, Alonso admitted that, to date, his best moment this year had indeed been his trip to the Brickyard back in May.

And IndyCar may still be a possibility for 2018.

"Let's see in a month or so," he said on Thursday in Hungary.

"I've always said I'm very open to what may come in the future. I want to win next year and to win we need some good changes here (at McLaren). Many changes," Alonso insisted.

"If those happen, it is possible I stay but it's something I will consider in September."