Whiting believes Danish GP 'can easily be done' by 2020


FIA F1 race director Charlie Whiting believes a Danish Grand Prix in Copenhagen could take place as soon as 2020.

This week, Formula 1 published a draft of its 2019 21-race calendar, and while there were no new events on the schedule, the sport could travel to new venues in 2020.

F1 scraped plans to race on the streets of Miami next year due to timing constraints related to the process of setting up the event.
Grand Prix racing's commercial director Sean Bratches insisted however that the aim of running the race in 2020 was still in the cards.

And the 'Magic City' could be joined on the calendar at that time by Copenhagen according to Whiting who recently toured the venue's potential site.

"They invited me because they are now presenting the project to the municipality and they wanted to make sure there are no problems from the FIA side," Whiting said at Monza, also revealing that circuit designer Hermann Tilke was now involved in the project.

"From our point of view it is entirely possible that we'll be there," he added.

"It's not yet in place but from our point of view it's 100 per cent realistic. Now it's up the Danes to get all of the necessary permissions," he told BT newspaper.

"It can easily be done by 2020," said Whiting.

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