Red Bull will give Honda free rein on engine design - Horner

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Red Bull will impose no restrictions on Honda when the Japanese manufacturer designs the engine that will power the Milton Keynes team next year, says Christian Horner.

Red Bull announced earlier this week its change from Renault to Honda power for 2019 and 2020, a choice described as "pretty clear-cut" by its team boss. Horner justified once again Red Bull's decision to work with Honda.

"Renault are now in a situation where they have their own team, they have different priorities," Horner told Sky F1.

"And I think we can see the progress Honda’s making. There’s been some changes that have happened there in the last nine months or so.

"The progress they’re making is obvious. For us it’s absolutely the right partner going forward.

"Our mantra’s going to be ‘go and build the best engine you can, we’re not going to give you any limitations in terms of packaging, we’ll make it fit’," added Horner.

"They’ve got some talented people that have been recruited, they’ve got some specialists that they’re working with."

Despite Honda's failed partnership with McLaren, Horner insisted Red Bull's choice had been an entirely engineering one, with the financial aspects of the deal very much a secondary issue.

"We’re more interested in what is the opportunity and the potential reward," he explained.

"Obviously McLaren’s experience was McLaren’s experience. You can see it hasn’t got a whole world better since they’ve changed engine partner.

"For us, our decision was based on what’s in front of us here and now and looking forward.

"This was very much driven by engineering, in terms of what is the best way for us to be competitive and bridge that gap to Mercedes and Ferrari.

"We really, genuinely feel this is the best way."

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