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Pasquale Lattuneddu follows Ecclestone out the F1 door


Italian media is reporting that Ecclestone right-hand man and paddock enforcer Pasquale Lattuneddu will no longer be working in F1.

The Italian landed his first F1 gig some twenty seven years ago, always working since at Ecclestone's side.

His initial job of policing the paddock for FOM, handling media accreditation and hunting down anyone who did not have the proper credentials eventually evolved into the task of a chief of operations.

Pasquale's essential presence and attention to detail insured that life within the restricted and exclusive zone, from the placement of teams motorhomes and trucks to the well-being of VIP guests, remained under complete control.

Hopefully, the 58-year-old will enjoy a transition to a less-frantic life. We would not be surprised however to spot him somewhere in Sardinia, randomly stopping people on the street, asking for their papers!

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