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Renault unfazed by blown wing illegality claims

Renault rear wing and diffuser. 08.03.2018.
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Renault has denied that its blown rear wing contravenes F1's rules after rumors of a formal protest from rival teams emerged in Barcelona.

The French manufacturer's new R.S.18 includes a subtle rear end design, where the car's exhausts are cleverly angled to direct the outflow of gases towards the rear wing.

The rules governing blown rear wings were altered this year in a bid to reduce the practice. A ban on "monkey seats" and stringent specifications linked to exhaust positioning have been applied.

Renault technical director Nick Chester is adamant however that the team's controversial angled exhaust layout fully complies with the regulations.

"I haven’t heard anything at the moment," he said when addressing rival team's potential grievances.

"You can put your exhaust in a bodywork box, and we have just got it towards the top of the bodywork box. So so far, no concerns about that."

For astute observers, the presence of special heat-proof shielding on the R.S.18's rear wing was further validation of the deliberate purpose of Renault's design.

Chester minimized the observation however, and the effects of today's blown rear wing concept compared to when elaborate diffusers were the norm.

"Everybody has to have an exhaust and all exhausts are going to blow the rear wing to a degree,' said the engineer.

"The whole reason we came up with the bodywork box for the exhaust was to limit how far you could go. If you run to the top of the bodywork box, I don’t see it as too big a problem."

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