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McLaren told 'better and improved' Renault engine is on its way


In its latest communications with engine partner Renault, McLaren has been told that a more powerful and reliable power unit is on its way to Woking.

The French manufacturer struggled last season to find the right balance between power and reliability, with incremental boosts of output often countered by vulnerability issues mainly linked to its MGU-H element.

Renault claims however to have made significant progress with its package overall, positive news which McLaren can't wait to put into effect.

"In terms of power and reliability, they are happy with where they are at and what has been happening on the dyno," said McLaren boss Zak Brown at a media lunch in Woking this week.

"And specifically the reliability – they think they are on top of it.

"Last year they had the power, and it was when they turned it up that the reliability issues kicked in. So they had their issues in Mexico but they also dominated the race, so we are feeling good."

More music to McLaren's years is the news that Renault may well integrate into their 2018 engine a "qualifying mode", a welcome power bonus which Mercedes has typically put to good use on Saturday afternoon's.

McLaren's partnership with Renault brings the team back to a more traditional culture compared to the very specific mentality which prevailed at Honda.

But McLaren's Matt Morris believes experience is also a huge asset at Renault.

"I think the big difference, speaking with all the guys at Renault, is they have got more experience," said the outfit's chief engineering officer.

"Those guys on the ground have been doing it for a lot longer than Honda, that is just a fact, and that is what allowed us to get the packaging done so quickly.

“It is just their experience and the same is true in their factory at Viry. It is more mature than Honda. It might not have as many fancy dynos, but they just have more experience.

"We are over there at the moment doing some work on the dyno with them, and that has just been seamless."

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