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Agag: 'Formula 1 is copying Formula E'


Formula E chief executive Alejandro Agag says that the all-electric championship is now setting the agenda in the world of motorsport.

That means that even Formula 1 is following its initiatives in the areas of digital presentation and social media, as well as a stronger focus on street circuit racing.

“They are copying many things we do,” Agag said, referring to some of Formula 1's recent announcements. "But it might be a coincidence!"

Even F1's move to drop grid girls had been pre-empted by Formula E.

"We are glad to welcome F1 to the 21st century," a Formula E spokesman said on Thursday. "Formula E stopped using Grid Girls last year already - we just didn't feel the need to shout about it."

Agag felt it was only natural that Formula E should be leading the way, given that it is more in line with the overall direction of the motor industry.

“In 20 years' time, I don’t see anything bigger than Formula E," he told London business newspaper City AM.

“Formula E will be the main motor sport championship because it is the championship that is connected to the industry."

Agag even hinted that Formula 1 might end up under the Formula E banner. "Why not?” he mused with a smile. "I think that we could become one and only."

One idea that Formula 1 has yet to pick up on is 'FanBoost', where drivers winning a social media poll get an extra shot of energy to use in the race.

Formula E unveiled its new second generation race car this week. The Gen2 boasts a wider nose, a single-plane front wing and mandatory Halo cockpit safety device.

"This car represents the future of racing," Agag said on Tuesday.

He has made no secret of his inspiration when it came to running a global motor sport championship.

"Bernie Ecclestone was a big example for me,” he said. “I always had a big admiration for him. A lot of the time I would look at what he was doing."

But Agag doesn't have any problem working with Formula 1's new chairman Chase Carey, who ousted Ecclestone last year.

"When you are the owner of the business, you have the absolute right to do whatever you want," said Agag. "In that sense, [Ecclestone] was treated fairly, because he didn’t own the business anymore."

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