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Ferrari chases Mercedes to 1000bhp landmark!


Ferrari's power unit development over the winter will likely see the Scuderia join Mercedes in the 1000bhp club.

In December, Mercedes' engine guru Andy Cowell revealed that the German manufacturer was on the verge of reaching the impressive milestone with its V6 turbo hybrid unit, with an estimated 50bhp to go.

But Ferrari is close behind, with GPS measurements from last year pointing to a 15bhp deficit to Mercedes.

The most recent news from Italy however, sourced by journalist and Ferrari insider Leo Turrini, is that the Maranello team is chasing down its arch-rival and also closing in on the 1000bhp mark.

"A huge effort has been made to put the power unit on a diet," Turrini wrote in his Quotidiano blog.

"One of Mercedes' advantages was the lower weight of the overall package, but Ferrari has been successful in its mission.

"On the test bench, 1000hp has already been seen at maximum peak power," Turrini claimed, "even if Mercedes has already been there."

Turrini thinks Ferrari will have a good chance of taking on Mercedes on equal terms in 2018.

"On the aerodynamic side, tunnel data shows an important step, although it will only be possible to understand more at the first Barcelona tests," he said.

"But it's good to dream."

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