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Gasly's take: 'Formula 1 is a f***ing great series!'


Toro Rosso rookie Pierre Gasly is tired of the "way too many people" who criticise Formula 1, although he admits there's one of the sport area that requires a big change.

The fan community's main bone of contention with F1 is the sport's lack of close racing and its silly grid penalty system linked to engine-component limits.

The former feeling is supported unfortunately by the fact that the number of overtaking maneuvers shrunk by half in 2017, while F1 sporting boss Ross Brawn has himself lambasted the sport's ridiculous penalty system.

While Gasly understands the fans' grievances, he still believes the community's views and opinions are too negative.

"I don’t want to talk negative about Formula 1, because I think there are way too many people who are talking about it in a negative way, " the young Frenchman told Motorsport.com.

"And it is a f***ing great series, great cars and people should be more positive about it."

Gasly launched his Grand Prix career with Toro Rosso in Malaysia last year, but in Mexico and Brazil, the 21-year-old was sent to the back of the grid following component changes to his power unit.

Even in the light of excessive negativity, he admits the system is wrong and should be changed.

"It is definitely one of the points which is a bit shit in F1," he said.

"When you qualify in a position, you want to start in that position.

"It's not something which is really sexy and exciting, especially like it was for me [in Mexico]. No free practice, nothing. I was watching the other guys running on track. And then after you start last.

"That is something I think hopefully they will be able to change. Doesn’t look like it for next year. But all drivers agree that it is a bit boring, all these kind of penalties, because we cannot do anything about it.

"It is an engine problem, engine manufacturers’ problems, and it just penalises all of us."

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