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Halo a 'good and brave' decision by the FIA - Perez

Halo cocktpit protection on the Force India

Force India's Sergio Perez believes the mandatory presence of the Halo next year in Formula 1 is a good decision by the FIA.

The governing body's resolution earlier this year to impose the cockpit safety device was met with controversy, with many drivers voicing their opposition to the Halo's introduction.

Facing the inevitable, negative opinions have progressively started to come around however, although team designers remain frustrated by the constraints associated with the Halo's integration.

"The Halo is definitely hurting the aerodynamics a lot on our side but it's the same for everyone,” says Perez, a dissenting voice among the drivers who favors the safety element.

"It's a safety thing. After three, four races we will get used to it. In Formula 1, everything is changing very quickly.

"I expect and I hope that next year will be a really interesting year with all the teams closing up and I hope Halo after two or three races, nobody talks about it anymore."

The Mexican believes that when it comes to a driver's safety, no compromises should be allowed.

"I think it's a very good decision and a very brave decision from the FIA," he adds.

"We're pushing on safety and I think it also shows this generation of drivers definitely are pushing for safety and not only for Formula 1, but for other categories.

"If you had the Halo in the last 10 years we would have saved a couple of lives already in the sport. I think it's something that other sports would be proud of. Although I don't like the look, it's worth it."

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