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The one thing Verstappen absolutely hates about Ricciardo

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As ultra-competitive team mates, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo enjoy a surprisingly good relationship, but there's one thing the former absolutely hates about the latter.

Asked in Thursday's FIA press conference what influence the Honey Badger has had on him, Verstappen delivered a surprising response.

"Really bad," the 20-year-old quipped.

"He keeps farting! It smells so bad in our hospitality all the time...

"He's a great guy," he added however. "On track we always try to beat each other, but off track we can have a great laugh.

"We respect each other, and to be honest I've never really experienced something like that in racing, to have such a good teammate, to really have fun with.

"I hope we can be teammates for a long time."

Should both men find themselves locked in a tight battle for the title in 2018, Verstappen believes their good relationship can withstand the pressure.

"I think so because we respect each other," he said.

"When you are fighting for a world championship you will have a bit more tension on the track but at the end of the day you always come back to where you respect each other.

"You have to accept if one guy is faster than the other, that's what we can do.

"Also when somebody has a good race, we can say 'well done' and 'you deserved that', I think that really important."

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