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Hamilton: 'The last race where the cars will look good'

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton tests the halo cockpit protection device
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Formula 1's season finale in Abu Dhabi will mark the end of an era of sorts for F1, and the last time the cars "will look good", according to Lewis Hamilton.

The curtain closes on the 2017 season in Yas Marina and the race will mark the last time in F1 history that cars will race in their current form, without the Halo cockpit safety device which has been made mandatory from 2018.

"It's the last year of looking good I think in the cars, it's the last race where the cars will look good," said Hamilton with regret ahead of this weekend's final round.

"I think next year, it's all downhill from there in terms of how they look. But safety will go up at least and maybe it could be successful in some way."

In the past year, a majority of F1's drivers' have opposed the introduction of the controversial safety element.

To no avail unfortunately as the FIA pushed the Halo through on the grounds of safety, even adding the protective feature to Formula 2 cars next year.

A pragmatic Sebastian Vettel believes however that F1's fans will eventually grow accustomed to the cars' new aesthetics

"They are probably right as the cars will look different next year. Everything I've seen so far looks different," said the Ferrari driver.

"On the other hand it is something we all get used to, but no doubt the cars look better now but we'll get used to it and we'll work on the aesthetics so it can be better. It is less of a big deal."

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