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Rosberg credits 'good genes' for world title success

Keke Rosberg, Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg has said that winning the 2016 world drivers championship was largely a matter of good genetics.

Nico is the son of 1982 world champion Keke Rosberg.

“I just from my dad genetically inherited a natural gift to drive racing cars,” Rosberg told an event in London this week.

“I’m a firm believer that genetics are quite a big part of this," he added. "I would probably say 66 per cent genetics, 33 per cent nurtured."

Among the nurtured elements that helped Rosberg take the title were a mind management trainer and taking up meditation.

He told the technology event organised by Wired magazine that Red Bull star Max Verstappen was another example of genetic advantage.

“His dad was a successful driver too," he said, referring to former Benetton, Tyrrell and Arrows driver Jos Verstappen. "Now his son is a successful driver because it’s the genes that pass on."

Rosberg took the title last year after a long and acrimonious battle with his Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton is an example of a self-made champion, with none of the genetic advantage Rosberg describes.

In fact, Rosberg seemed to make a veiled swipe at Hamilton in his address to the event. Although he mentioned no names, it was hard not to sense an undertone to his comments.

“The general Formula 1 driver is a big narcissist, in love with himself," he said. "He thinks he’s the best in the world and it’s always the other guy’s fault.

"That gives you a certain strength in this crazy environment where you are judged by millions of people every little moment

"But it’s also a weakness because you don’t question yourself as much," he added.

"I was more on the other side - the more sensitive, less narcissistic. Questioning myself all the time, trying to improve step by step."

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