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F1 cars blast through the Adelaide night in secret run!


The quiet streets of Adelaide were recently shattered in the middle of the night with the sound of F1 cars and other eclectic machinery in a secret race through the city.

It wasn't an unlawful and raucous run on the town however but a staged demo destined to promote the upcoming Adelaide Motorsport Festival.

A short film features a Benetton B186, a Footwork FA15 and an Arrows A21. The Grand Prix car trio was joined by Australian touring car legend John Bowe in a genuine Holden Dealer Team A9X, and Troy Bayliss on a Ducati World Superbike.

The production crew fortunately had the support of the city's department of planning, transport and infrastructure as well as the cooperation of the SA Police.

"We really only had one shot at this, it’s not like we could keep running back and forth over the same piece of road, so everything had to be right," said event director Tim Possingham.

"It had to be kept under wraps to a great degree as well so that we maintained complete control along with police and other regulatory bodies.

"Needless to say these cars don’t like stopping and starting – they are made to go flat out or nothing, pretty much.

"The real hero was a personal friend that shares my passion for motorsport, it is he who gave up the cars from his private collection to have these drivers pilot millions of dollars of machinery in wet conditions, on slick tyres!"

The event will take place between December 7 and 10.

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