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Juan Pablo Montoya sets a world record!

Montoya World Record Bugatti

Former Williams and McLaren driver Juan Pablo Montoya is the proud holder of a new world record, achieved in association with Bugatti.

The automotive company's iconic Chiron, whose 8-litre quad-turbocharged 16 cyclinder power unit develops a cool 1,479 bhp, was entrusted to the Colombian racer to demonstrate just how fast it is.

Seven-time Grand Prix winner Montoya beat the world record for the fastest car to accelerate from nought to 400km/h and then back to nought again.

The time was 41.96 seconds, which on the surface may appear a bit underwhelming. The first stage acceleration segment took 32.6 seconds and 2.6km. But it only took 9.3 seconds and 491 meters for Montoya to grind to a halt.


As for Montoya, a huge Bugatti fan, he said he felt so secure behind the wheel of the supercar - or hypercar -  that he didn't even feel the need the wear a helmet!

"It gave me such a feeling of security and reliability that I was entirely relaxed and really enjoyed myself during my two days with the car.

"It really was incredible to see that you didn’t need the complex preparations we have to make in racing for the 0-400-0 drive," he added.

"With the Chiron, it was all quite easy. Just get in and drive off. Incredible.

Anyone out there who wishes to emulate Montoya's exploit will have to fork out a hefty $2.7 million first!


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