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Hulkenberg urges Pirelli to improve wet weather tyres


Nico Hulkenberg believes Pirelli's wet weather tyres are not good enough to cope with track conditions such as those which prevailed at Monza during qualifying.

Saturday's afternoon session was halted after just a few minutes when Haas' Romain Grosjean aquaplaned off the track and brought out the red flag.

The session was then delayed two and a half hours by race director Charlie Whiting who judged conditions unsafe, a stall which also challenged drivers' focus, and 'annoyed' Hulkenberg.

"We were putting on and taking off our helmets as often as we were getting in and getting out of the cars," the Renault driver told Germany's Sport1.

"When it was clear that the delay would take a long time, I thought I should be doing something better than waiting. Sleeping, for example."

The 30-year-old believes conditions on Saturday would have allowed running with better suited tyres.

"The rain was not so strong and there was not so much standing water," insisted the Hulk.

"The problem was that the tyres are only made to displace a certain number of litres of water. Otherwise, aquaplaning happens easily and of course the drivers don't want that.

"Charlie Whiting had limited options," he added.

"For the future, I think we should continue working with Pirelli to improve the situation. Because in the past, with other tyre manufacturers, we could still drive in those types of conditions.

"The only thing is that there is not much testing in the year at all, so certainly not much on wet tracks. So it is difficult for Pirelli to improve," he acknowledged.

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