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Todt gets creative - wants colored Halo for championship leader


FIA president Jean Todt has tapped his creative instincts and suggested an idea to brighten up the presence of the undesirable 'Halo' in Formula 1.

The governing body has made mandatory the use of the cockpit protection device next year, much to the displeasure of many who consider that the unattractive looking element fundamentally disrupts Formula 1's DNA.

"That is why we need responsible people leading the sport," Todt told Auto Motor und Sport.

"When I announced that we will introduce Halo for the 2018 season of Formula E, there was no criticism.

"And also with the introduction of Halo for Formula 2 next year I hear no negative comments. This shows that people already getting used to it."

Either Todt hasn't been paying attention or he is suffering from hearing loss as criticism of the controversial halo has been widespread among the drivers, let alone within Formula 1's fan base.

The FIA president is determined to highlight the safety device next year however, in more ways than one.

"I've heard an idea I like -- that we should give the championship leader a Halo in a special colour," Todt said.

"However, I have also heard that some teams have already sold the space on the Halo to sponsors," he added.

Yes, let's have a day-glo colored Halo for the championship leader, perhaps even incorporate flashings  LEDs for night races. That will definitely win everyone over.

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