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Perez and Ocon admit mistakes - vow to move on

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Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon have admitted their on-track spat at Spa last weekend served neither the interests of Force India nor their own. 

The pink panthers double clash prompted the Silverstone-based outfit to change the rules of engagement between the two drivers and deprive them of the freedom to race each other at will.

"We both know that we have done wrong in the past for this team, and my main target is not thinking to run away," said the Mexican in Thursday's media conference at Monza, where Ocon was also present.

"I think working with Esteban is still possible. It can be a successful partnership and I am not thinking of moving elsewhere."

Ocon echoed his team mate's attitude, holding himself partly accountable for Sunday's collisions. 

"I think we both crossed the line – that is for sure. We touched, so something was wrong in there," said the Frenchman.

"I won't argue because it is all behind us now and we want to move forward. We crossed the line and we cannot do that in the future for the purpose of the team and for us.

"We have to move forward, we had a talk this morning together just us two, and it is time that we forget all that, that we work hard for the team. 

"That is what is important and that is what they deserve: that we behave as professionals and we want to keep challenging the others, keep pushing them and keep that fourth place to the end." 

Perez went to see Ocon Friday morning at Monza for a cool-headed talk. 

"I went to Esteban's room and I had a talk with him," he said.

"The engineers had their view [on what happened]. It was pointless going through each incident, as everyone has their point to say, so we said let's just move on together, let's forget the past and go forwards together.

"I believe a new relationship can start from now on and I hope from now on we can start working as a team and put the interests of the team first. We both came to that agreement and it was quite simple."

Ocon believes that, with time,  the confidence of the team's management can hopefully be recaptured. 

"We have to get the bosses' trust back, and then maybe they will let us race again," he said.

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