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Horner says F1 should run contrary to Formula E


Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner believes F1 is at a crossroads and should choose to run in the opposite direction from Formula E with regard to technology.

With many manufacturers converging towards Formula E, the pinnacle of motorsport will need to make the right engine choice when it moves beyond 2020, when the current rules cease to exist.

Initial engine talks appear to be steering F1 towards a simplified V6 twin turbo power unit which would include less hybrid components. But Horner isn't sure the choice will be right.

"I hope we do not end up with a bad compromise," the Red Bull boss told Auto Motor und Sport.

"The manufacturers are all going to Formula E, which is their playground for future technologies. Porsche, Mercedes, Renault, Audi, Jaguar -- that's already more than Formula 1 ever had!

"The cost of Formula E is 5 per cent of a F1 budget, so what I can imagine is that the mass scale manufacturers go there and the sports car manufacturers like Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini are in F1. That's their place.

"So I see Formula 1 at a crossroads," he explained.

"If you believe the politics, we'll all be driving electric cars in 2030, so F1 should be the counterpoint -- pure racing, man and machine, a competition of the best drivers in the world with combustion engines," he added. 

In order to avoid a half-hearted decision or a bad compromise, Horner believes the crucial final word on the matter may be left with F1 sporting manager Ross Brawn who "needs the courage to make the right decision".

Horner states that Red Bull has done "a lot of market research" for the Aston Martin supercar project which shows that "the overwhelming majority want a V10 or V12 and not a hybrid".

"And I did my own survey at one of the fan forums, and everyone cheered when I said do we want to go back to the V10s.

"I doubt we are going to do that," Horner acknowledged. "We'll have to be content with the bi-turbo V6. But the sound is the key.

"Of all the criticism of the current engines, the most important thing for the fans is the sound."

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