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Force India tops 'most raced laps' standings

Force India

Force India owes its impressive performance this season to its outstanding consistency - thanks in no small part to its talented pair of drivers.

A statistical by-product of its steady run this year is the fact that the Silverstone-based outfit had achieved more race laps so far than any other team.

Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon have put a combined 1,334 race laps under their belt since the season kicked off in Australia.

That's four laps better than Mercedes, while Ferrari is third with 1,287 raced laps.

As one attempts to guess the team with the smallest amount of race laps accomplished this year, McLaren and its appalling reliability record would obviously come to mind.

But the outfit at the tail end of the standings is actually Red Bull Racing, with a paltry 928 race laps!

Indeed, reliability issues of its own have left the Milton Keynes-based team in its unflattering position, 80 race laps behind McLaren-Honda.

The lousy performance still currently yields a third place in the Constructors' standings however for Red Bull.

On the drivers' front, both Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel clock in with 679 race laps, having finished every single race this season, while Max Verstappen quite logically follows his team's trend with just 398 race laps so far this year.

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