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F1i poll - Kubica or Palmer ? Your verdict is in!

Robert Kubica
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It was a pretty straightforward F1i poll, asking if Renault should replace Jolyon Palmer with Robert Kubica given the latter's impressive test in Budapest.

We like Jo and have also supported his efforts, but there's no question the 26-year-old has under-performed since joining Renault in 2016.

The prospect of the former GP2 champion being replaced appeared to grow stronger with each mishap this season. And Robert Kubica's successful test this week only fanned those flames.

To the question should Renault replace Palmer with Kubica after the summer break, an overwhelming majority of you - 69 percent -answered that they should, sealing the Brit's fate in the eyes of the fans.

Twenty percent of you believe that Palmer has the drive and Renault should honour his contract for the season.

Only 3 percent of you believe however that Robert Kubica has had his day, and is not ready to return to Grand Prix racing.

In light of the amount of young talent burgeoning around F1, one indeed wonders if it would be right to award a drive to Kubica, six years after his career halting crash.

But the story of the Miracle Man's comeback is compelling and quite extraordinary, and evidently it's powerful aspect hasn't been lost on Renault.

Who will be on the other side of the Renault garage at Spa? We'll stick will Palmer...

F1i poll - Should Renault give Kubica a drive?

69% - Yes, Palmer needs to go ASAP

19% - Palmer has the drive, Renault should honour it for the season

9% - Give Palmer a few more races first

3% - Kubica isn't ready to drive at the top level again, he's had his day


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