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FIA puts new limits on oil consumption in F1

FIA puts new limits on oil consumption in F1
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The FIA continues to keep a tight leash on F1 teams and the controversial issue of oil burning, delivering a new technical directive ahead of the Hungarian GP.

Before the 2017 season kicked off, the FIA reminded teams that using oil as fuel was illegal. The governing body issued another warning associated with the use of chemical additives for combustion before the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

It has since been agreed that the subtle ploy shall be outlawed in 2018, but in the interim the FIA is doing its best to make sure that teams are not exploiting the stratagem this year.

In its latest Technical Directiven the FIA reminds teams that an oil consumption limit of 0.6 litres per 100km is currently considered to be acceptable before the limit is "strictly enforced" from 2018.

The FIA is awarding teams a slight margin however for the remainder of this year.

"We have accepted that some competitors may have difficulties in adhering to the 0.6L/100km limit this season and a tolerance is being applied to all power units currently in use," wrote FIA technical delegate Marcin Budkowski.

"However, we will expect the oil consumption of any ICE element of the power unit introduced from the 2017 Italian GP onwards to be less than 0.9L/100km, any consumption above this will be considered suspicious and hence investigated as a potential breach of the Technical Regulations."

"We will continue to monitor the oil consumption of all competitors and carry out physical inspections and/or measurements on a regular basis," the note concluded.

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