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Brawn 'extremely frustrated' to see Alonso talent wasted

Brawn 'extremely frustrated' to see Alonso talent wasted

Like the majority of F1 fans, Ross Brawn laments Fernando Alonso's lack of a competitive car and the incredible waste of talent produced by the Spaniard's quandaries.

Alonso's fate in the past three years has been intimately linked to Honda's inability to deliver a competitive power unit to its McLaren partner.

The end result is a two-time world champion and one of F1's most gifted drivers who lingers at the bottom of the grid through no fault of his own, much to Brawn's chagrin.

"Fernando is a fabulous driver, one of the best of his generation, but he has been neutered by an uncompetitive car," Brawn told The Telegraph.

"That’s extremely frustrating for us, especially in our position, as he cannot show his true potential. It’s the downside of a car being a factor in the competition.

"If the car’s not right, talents of the strength and magnificence of Alonso get wasted. It’s a fine line."

On the subject of the ferocious duel between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, Brawn wasn't surprised by the duo's run-in in Baku, just that it hadn't happened earlier.

"I was amazed at how long the romance carried on," he says.

"Normally, in that intensity of competition, it gets fractious. Finally, that’s what has happened. It’s wonderful to watch."

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