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Video: Vettel flips the bird to Massa!

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It was an intense last couple of laps yesterday at Sochi as Sebastian Vettel  attempted to haul in and challenge Valtteri Bottas for the race win.

The Ferrari driver closed with DRS range before the start of the ultimate round but stumbled upon Felipe Massa's Williams, which gave Bottas the extra bit of margin to keep victory in sight.

"He did cost me," said Vettel.

"First of all, he handed a very pleasant tow to Valtteri on the last lap, and I was in the DRS, which was tough enough to do.

"And then he let him by and I don't know if he knew there was another car coming. I don't think, maybe.

"Obviously Felipe did him a favour twice. Once handing him a pleasant tow and then he cost me a bit of time. But that's how it is with backmarkers."

Footage indeed shows Vettel's frustration as he delivers a clear middle-finger gesture to the Brazilian who, when all was said and done, just responded with "Vettel always likes to complain."

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