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Perez also interested in an Indy 500 run!


Sergio Perez would gladly welcome an opportunity to contest the 'greatest race on earth', but wouldn't miss an F1 commitment to do so.

The Force India driver is impressed by Fernando Alonso's decision to take up the Indy 500 challenge given the amount he will have to learn in such a short time.

"I certainly wouldn’t miss Monaco because for me Monaco is my favourite weekend in the whole calendar,” said Perez.

"I wouldn’t miss Monaco, and normally you have that clash.

"I’d like to do some other racing, I certainly have some interest in IndyCar. The Indy 500 certainly is one of the best races in the world so I’d definitely like to do some."

"There is so much to learn in a completely new series," he added.

"We’ve been doing this for many years through the lower series as well, so [it would be] going to a completely new tyre, new characteristics, new ways of setting up the car, driving in the traffic."

"But I think Fernando it’s one of his strengths, how he can manage the race situation. I think he’ll be really good on that.

"I think Indy really depends the last ten laps so I think he will be really good there."

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