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Magnussen: no big differences between F1 engines

Kevin Magnussen
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Haas' Kevin Magnussen has the honor of being the only driver on the 2017 grid to have sampled each current F1 engine supplier.

The Dane sampled Mercedes and Honda power during his time with McLaren, Renault's engine with the works team last year and Ferrari's power unit this season with Haas.

Interestingly, apart from a few specifics, Magnussen perceives only marginal differences between the engines.

"To be honest, none of the engines feel very different," he said.

"They all seem pretty similar. They sound a bit different, and operationally they’re slightly different engine to engine, but the Ferrari is very easy to work on.

"It’s easy to understand and the drivability is very good. Also, the power seems to be good this year, so I’m very happy."

Magnussen's track record in Australia began in 2014 with an impressive 2nd place finish in Melbourne on his Formula 1 debut, obviously a memorable weekend for the Haas driver.

"I enjoyed it. I didn’t really think too much about the race. I had nothing to lose. I just went for it. I drove at my best, had a bit of luck as well, and I ended up on the podium.

"It was a great experience and a memory I will have forever. It’s always going to be quite cool to say that I finished second in my first F1 race, although it would have been nice to win. I’ll do that another time."

Haas also enjoyed an impressive debut in Australia last year, with Grosjean achieving a remarkable 6th place finish. Starting the year with another point-paying race would undoubtedly give the US team a great push from the outset says Magnussen.

"It’s always important to have a good start to the year just to kick-start everything. It gives you a boost to have a good beginning.

"The end is important too, but it’s always nice to start off the year with a good race. We’ll do our best and see what we get."

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