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Horner: 'F1 owners won't allow total dominance to continue'

Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal
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Red Bull Racing's Christian Horner thinks that a sustained dominance of F1 by Mercedes would be bad for the sport, while also believing its new owners won't allow it to happen.

Since the era of the V6 turbo hybrid power unit was ushered in three years ago, Mercedes has imposed its hegemony in Formula 1, running in a class of its own while its rivals desperately attempt  to play catch-up.

Speaking to The Guardian, Horner says the sport is now in desperate need of change and competitive racing.

"It’s unpalatable to think of it for another three years," Horner insisted.

"The new owners of F1 know very much about putting on a great show and there being good and healthy competition.

"That can’t be artificially done obviously but I would be surprised if they were prepared to allow total dominance like the last three years."

While Red Bull is no stranger to utter dominance, having won both the drivers' and Constructors' title consistently with Sebastian Vettel between 2010 and 2013, its authority was regularly contested.

F1's current conundrum is finding a way of weakening Mercedes without resorting to artificial schemes or tricks. But Horner believes that team - and Red Bull in particular - just need to work harder.

"Mercedes dominating again would be bad for the sport. But how you prevent it from happening I don’t know.

"It would be wrong to artificially slow someone down. We have just got to work hard to put them under pressure."

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