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Rosberg: F1 comeback possible, but not as a driver


Reigning world champion Nico Rosberg says he could one day return to the world of Formula 1, but certainly not as a driver.

Rosberg walked away from the sport after he conquered the 2016 title with the desire to spend more time with his family and invest  himself in other exciting projects.

While the German admitted a comeback as a driver was not in the stars, he could envisage a return to the F1 paddock in a different capacity.

"A comeback as a driver is impossible."

"I am looking for new projects and I have to say I'm really relaxed. Twenty races a year is like being on a hamster wheel. I would also say that it's the best hamster wheel in the world!

"I am a passionate competitor and I enjoyed my career very much. But F1 is not a pony yard. To beat everyone and be world champion you have to be absolutely uncompromising and my goal was everything," he said.

"I'm not saying no," when asked about a future possibly linked to F1

"A lot is possible. But at the moment, I am mostly concerned with social projects. Children and less privileged people -- that means a lot to me."

But there are also other opportunities in motor sport, Rosberg added.

"One would be helping other drivers on their way to success in an advisory and managing role," he said.

But in the interim, Nico Rosberg  is enjoying a well-deserved freedom that leaving F1 behind has brought him.

"I've achieved everything I wanted. My new life is now an equally great challenge that I want to master just as successfully."

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