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Will Massa stay in F1 beyond 2017?


Felipe Massa isn't discarding extending his stay at the pinnacle of motorsport beyond his current contracted year with Williams.

The 35-year-old Brazilian was all set for a well-deserved plush retirement when he was asked to stay on for 2017 following Valtteri Bottas' move to Mercedes.

Massa isn't making any definitive plans just yet, a bit wary of getting caught once again in a revolving door.

"If I can stay, if I feel fit and competitive, and I have good opportunities, perhaps I will stay."

At any rate, Massa was always going to continue racing in 2017, having even recently tested Jaguar's Formula E car.

"Formula E was an option. But I had not made a decision. I have no idea what will happen after 2017.

"I've read that I have a (Formula E) contract, but I have nothing to be honest," Massa is quoted by Speed Week.

"The test was a nice feeling. Of course it was something quite different from what we have here, a completely different car, a completely different mentality in so many ways," he added.

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