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The 10 worst engines in Formula 1 history!

#5 Zakspeed 1500/4, 4 cylinder in-line turbo 1.5L (51 GP, 2 points, 0 podiums)

Was Erich Zakowski overly optimistic when he launched his Zakspeed team in Formula 1? The German chose to design the chassis and engine in-house for 1985. It was a daring gamble but the Teutons were engineering marvels, most notably with the monstrous Ford Capri Group 5. But F1 is unfortunately another proposition. The super-charged four-cylinder, something the team was a specialist at, all too often expired in a plume of white smoke. At the same time that turbos were banned for 1989, Zakowski decided to move on. But it would not be the end of his sorrows…