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Carnage, chaos and confusion in Brazil

Held on this day in 2003, the Brazilian Grand Prix was memorable for all the wrong reasons, and it all went wrong from the get-go.

The race was delayed while a storm front battered Interlagos with heavy rain, and once everyone started racing, many were those who got caught out by the treacherous conditions.

Cars were falling off the track almost every other lap, but the real drama waited ahead. On the penultimate lap, Mark Webber lost it on the start/finish straight, his Jaguar shedding a trail of debris in its wake.

A fast moving Fernando Alonso emerged over the hill only to plow into one of Webber's stranded wheels and hit the inside tyre barrier with a massive fracas.

Fortunately, everyone escaped unscathed. Except perhaps for race control which initially declared McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen the outright winner of the chaotic event, as it had finalized results based on when the red flag was waved.

However, a post-race in-depth analysis of when the flag was exactly deployed revealed that Jordan's Giancarlo Fisichella had just crossed the line when the red was shown.

The Italian was eventually declared the official winner of the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix.