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Jim Clarks runs up the mountain at Ollons-Villars

A round of the all-electric Formula E series will take place in Zurich next year, marking the end to a six-decade ban on motor racing in Switzerland, a restriction imposed after the 1955 Le Mans tragedy.

While no circuit racing was allowed in the Swiss Confederation during this period, hill climbs continued to take place in the country, and Ollon-Villars was its most famous run-up-the-hill venue, and one which always attracted big names.

F1 legend Jimmy Clark tackled the scenic and twisty 4.9-mile climb in 1965 - in between practice and a race at Brands Hatch for the August Bank Holiday meeting!

The great Scot failed to make much of an impression however behind the wheel of his very unsuited and rather overpowered Indy-winning Lotus-Ford 38. The car's cumbersome handling was complemented by a misfiring engine, both of which left Clark well down the order after his timed run.

The prize money was good however!