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Just along for a thrilling ride...

Formula 1's thrilling two-seater experience is part of the sport's new fan engagement initiatives this year.

The dedicated programme is run by former Minardi boss Paul Stoddart and amazingly, the car is still based on an original 1998 Tyrrell 026 design, powered by a loud and nicely sounding V10.

Former Minardi dirvers Patrick Friesacher and Zsolt Baumgartner are the usual pair to whom the cars are entrusted on Grand Prix weekends.

It's a limited programme this year but Formula intends on offering the two-seater experience at every event in 2018.

The car itself will receive a major overhaul, thanks to former F1 designer Mike Gascoyne. New tubs, designed to better accommodate passengers, will be built and fitted with more contemporary looking body-work, as the image below depicts. 

Gascoyne says it will be all about improving the experience for the passenger. 

"We can improve the view for the passenger – we can make that seat bulkhead quite a bit smaller," he says.

"The reason these cars have run so reliably is actually that they are very over-engineered from a safety point of view. Without compromising on safety, we can improve it in lots of areas."