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How did Schumacher react to Hakkinen's famous pass at Spa in 2000?

The move is hailed as one of the greatest overtakes in F1 history, but Mika Hakkinen now reveals how Michael Schumacher reacted when all was said and done.

The former McLaren driver won the Belgian Grand Prix in 2000, but it almost ended in tears after Schumacher had previously forced the Finn on the grass at full speed.

"It was natural that I went to talk to him after the race," said Hakkinen in an interview with Unibet.

“I said: ‘You can’t push someone to the grass at 300kph. This is a life and death situation, use some common sense.'"

"He tilted his head and looked at me. ‘What did I do wrong?'"

"He didn’t say ‘sorry, I was too aggressive’. It was simply his driving style."

The two-time world champion was obviously at odds with the Red Baron's tactics.

"If it was a slow corner and you defend and do things that are on the limits of what is fair I could somehow accept it because I too use gimmicks on the track."

"But 300kph is so fast, if in those speeds an F1 car goes on the grass and the ground clearance is about 15mm at the front it’s so low that the smallest of bump will send the car flying.

"That was my point: ‘come on, think’."

Hakkinen got his revenge however, passing Schumacher up the hill to Les Combes in a breathtaking maneuver while both men sandwiched a bewildered Ricardo Zonta.

The Ferrari driver held back however from complimenting his rival after the race.

"But he did know that it was a tough battle. We both finished the race and nothing happened. I’m sure that if it had been someone else against Michael front wings would have flown."