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One man and his dog

Lewis Hamilton chilling out at home with his dog, Roscoe.

© Twitter.com / @LewisHamilton

Okay, so it doesn't look as though Lewis Hamilton and his top dog Roscoe are going to be entering any sheep dog trails over the summer break!

But they certainly look to be having a good time chilling out as Formula 1 enters its mandatory summer shutdown period.

And for once, Hamilton isn't pictured in some glamorous and exotic far-away location. Here, he's simply chilling at home listening to some of his favourite music.

We're not sure what Roscoe makes of it all, though. He's looking a little unimpressed with the choice of tunes. Hamilton's pet pooch looks a bit larger than we remember him being in the paddock - or maybe Hamilton's getting smaller with all those cornering G-forces?

Lewis Hamilton is definitely putting the Hungarian Grand Prix behind him. Fourth place in Budapest means he goes into the summer break 14 points behind Sebastian Vettel in the championship. But who needs to be worrying about that right now?

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